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Well, headstart began on saturday and we are now into main launch but this is the first proper break I've had (Maintenance time) other than sleep. So it's safe to say I am enjoying the game. For a gaming blog I should really be posting more about it during these opening days but the fact I am not having time to write should really speak for itself.

World vs World seems to be up and down for our server, the initial days we dominated and now we are on the receiving end, against the same server! The players on our realm seem to be getting ever worse... reading the chat it seems several people think World vs World is a scenario/warzone type affair more akin to sPvP. Still, our little group has been blitzing through camps and causing an insane XP rate - it may not be the most useful as we are not holding but sweeping on, and the opponents don't really need the supply anyway as they have filled up long ago... but it's the only points income our server seems to be getting so at least we're doing SOMETHING other than fighting at spawn.

I've spent the past day playing along side a guardian, and as my character becomes more and more glass cannon just so I can actually hurt my opponents, the more I am beginning to think I should've put more effort into comparing the two. I simply enjoyed warrior so much at the lower levels in beta's I really felt there was no more choice needed. However, I also know I was slightly mis-matching the two classes.

Whenever I built a Guardian spec I would attempt to fit in everything I thought mattered for WvW and end up coming up very short on damage and mobility, however with the vast majority of those being utilities they can actually be swapped in any time you are out of combat so you can adapt to the situations rather than requiring them all the time. These leaves your utilities open for mobility and damage, which I must say due to not enjoying the first 10 levels I didn't exactly get far enough to gain all 3 utilities.

Now.. I have to really make a choice. I said at the start I had to pick a character and stick to it, and I have almost reached the 80 mark on that character. I could probably have a Guardian at max level in another 5 days.. and make a real comparison before the rest of the guild even approach it. OR, I could just improve my existing character. As much as it feels like the illogical choice given the past few days of "ow im dying", I am (at this moment) going to stick to the one character for the simple problem of I don't want to be constantly going "I wish I was on...".

The end of the debate? probably not.. they were both on the cards from day one and several people suggested Guardian would suit me, and same for the Warrior...

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FatBuddha @ 04/10/2012 18:41
It is a sure sign that things aren't going well for your server when you show me the pvp map, I can only really see 2 different colours on it, and you explain to me that your server is the third colour...

Crimson @ 05/10/2012 09:10
I still prefer this server over an utterly dominant one though! We just need more population.

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